Thursday, February 17, 2011

This Top Dog is a Real Trooper

Miss A is Top Dog this week at school. She has a display board filled with 15 photos of her life, thus far and three special items that represent her favorite things. We spent most of the weekend going through photos of Miss A as an adorable baby, toddler, and now kindergartner.

Deciding what 3 favorite things to take was certainly a process. She finally decided on American Girl Ruthie, her soccer medal, and a favorite new barbie doll.

Friday is suppose to be Show N Tell Day. Miss A gets to stand in front of her display and share all the pictures and things with her friends. She was psyched.

Instead, here is a picture of Miss A from yesterday morning; hospital mask and red glassy eyes. At about 3 a.m. on Wednesday morning, Miss A ran into our room screaming, crying, and gasping for breath.

After we got her calmed down and stripped out of her flannel pj's, she started to breath easier, but with a temp of 103 we knew what we were dealing with. When I mentioned to my husband that at least we know what she's got, Miss A cried "am I gonna die?" No sweetie, it's just another case of pneumonia. A doctor's visit later that morning only confirmed that I should have gone to medical school and saved myself the co-pay.

Thankfully we caught it early (again) and she's on some great drugs that should get her on the road to recovery. Of course, Miss A is devastated about her Top Dog week. Plus, it was cheese breadsticks for lunch today along with gym class. Who cares that she's still running a temp of 101, she wanted to go to school.

Miss A's teacher has told us not to worry. Next week, they have a few days off so, since it's a short week, no one is top dog. Miss A can show off her pictures next week!!

Now, we just need her better by Saturday for a Daisy outing.

I'd say the patient is in much better spirits today. Either that or she was thrilled the I substituted cheese breadsticks (school lunch) for homemade tortilla pizzas. Can't get better than that can it.

Miss A is quite the trooper, no wonder she gets to be Top Dog for two weeks. She'd definitely a top dog around here.

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Ann said...

Feel better soon Miss A! You need to rest up so that pretty smile of yours will shine:)