Saturday, February 26, 2011

Miss Piggy proves to be a Top Dog

Friday was a top ten day in Miss A's world. First, it was her first ever Musical program at school and a day the entire student body looks forward. Second, it was her day (finally) to be the "top dog" and share her photos and special things. Miss A woke up with the biggest smile on her face and it lasted the entire day!

The music teacher at our elementary school is fabulous. Each year's program really knocks your socks off. This year's theme was TV shows and each grade sang a theme song from a different television show. The kindergarten classes sang the theme songs from Arthur, The Muppet Show and Scooby Doo. Adorable. Miss A even sang. Usually, she is a bundle of nerves and doesn't really sing the songs or do the actions, but on stage next to her kindergarten buddies, she was an all star.

A few weeks ago, some of moms from Miss A's class got together and we made the t-shirts for the performance. All the girls were Miss Piggy and the boys were Kermit the Frog. Thankfully, the art teacher made up the stencils and all we had to do was paint and glitter. The kids looked so adorable on stage in their shirts.

For those who have told me that it sounds like I'm on a crafting roll, realize that all I did on this project is follow directions and get glitter all over my clothes.

After the morning performance, P and I signed Miss A out of school and took her to lunch at Red Robin. A few of A's friends and their moms were able to join us which made it extra special. Since A has been to a few of the bigger kids performances and knew of this "lunch out" practice, she was thrilled to be the one at the center of the action!

Then between lunch and the afternoon performance, Miss A had the chance to be the Top Dog and share her pictures with the class. Because she was sick last week, her board ended up being up for nearly two weeks.

Really, can it get better than this?

Well stayed tuned because our day of fun was only beginning!

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