Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Recap

Valentine Boxes. Those two words put fear into the hearts of most elementary school parents. I've told my husband that some of the people at our school must spend countless hours and lots of money making elaborate Valentine boxes that are ripped to shreds in five minutes once the party is over.

My clever husband has made five boxes over the past eight years for two children. How you ask? He's convinced our children to use the same box for numerous years and we always make the slot big enough to shake out the cards and goodies.

This year's box for Miss A was her choice. An Ipod. It was according to P the best box ever and was easy to make. It's really just gift wrap, a few paper plates and some paper. Miss A picked the songs for her playlist and I printed them off. Total price about $5.00; Thrill of the box: Priceless.

The kindergarten party was according to Miss A "the best ever." We had nearly 12 moms volunteer to help in the classroom and lets just say the energy in the room needed all hands on deck. Miss A's class is so fun. Every time I walk into the classroom at least five little voices say, "Hi, A's Mom" and I get at least 10 hugs from little girls.

Thanks to a little "home improvement work" this weekend and the fact that Valentine central was no longer taking over the dining room we could have our annual Chinese Valentine takeout extravaganza. Miss M created a hidden note "under glass" reveal moment for our secret valentines. The only one who was really surprised of course was Miss A who was convinced that I was her secret friend. In reality, I just shopped for her secret valentine!

P was thrilled with his gift of new struts for his car and I'm loving the new garbage disposal I got!! Really, P and C are headed to the Texas basketball game this weekend and I got a new printer for my laptop! Who said romance was dead.

Love you honey!

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