Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We're not looking for a Lightning Bolt anymore

We know where Mr. C is going to be starting his high school career next fall and, though we didn't need a lightning bolt from God to confirm our decision, we can feel it in our heart that this is the right choice for our family.

C will be going to an all boys college prep school that's small and, while it allows boarding, we've opted to have C as a day student only. When it came right down to it, we just really liked the boys we've met who are current or past students. They are gentleman who love to learn and the environment at the school really encourages boys to become men.

As we watched the young men from this school coach C's basketball team, we've seen their commitment and been thrilled with how mature and encouraging they have been to C. We can see C thriving in this kind of environment; a place that's it cool to be smart. While he could probably go to our local neighborhood school and get an education that's similar, I think at this school he'll push himself even harder as he'll want to compete with the other boys.

C is thrilled. Not only does he know four boys from his school who will be going, he knows three other who are in his boy scout troop. When the scholarship arrived in the mail on Saturday, we told him it's a done deal. It will be a sacrifice for our family to send C to private school. I might even need to get a small part time job to help with the extra expense, but it's a change we are willing to make to give C every opportunity to become the man that God has planned.

I guess you could say that deep down it came down to a mother's and father's heart wish to give the world to their son. We want to open doors and let him develop his mind and skills in the best possible place. C would achieve much anywhere, but we are praying that at this school he'll soar.
Now, we just need to teach C how to tie a tie. The uniform is dress shirt, ties, and slacks. Thankfully, they give us until October 1st. Until then, he'll be wearing golf shirts and khaki shorts.

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Ann said...

You must be so pleased that the choice is made. I am so happy for Mr. C.