Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Funny Things I've Heard

Even in the midst of a winter storm, there are things to smile about around these parts. Especially when we've had two snow days in a row!

Church is for the Birds:

On Saturday, the girls and I were out running errands and drove by a church with a huge slanted roof. It was a nice, sunny, and relatively warm afternoon (where did those days go?) and sitting on top of the roof were probably 75 birds. I pointed this adorable sight out to the girls and asked what they thought the birds were doing.

M quickly said it looks like they are having "church." One bird even seems to be sitting off my himself. He must be the pastor.

I commented that it was only Saturday. Weren't they a day early for worship?

A quickly said they maybe the birds gathered on Saturday's because all the people in the parking lot "clicking" their cars locked might scare the birds. "You knowing that locking beep that cars make is really loud!"

M added, "yeah and too many birds on the roof on a Sunday morning might result in lots of bird poop on church goers too!"

Snow Day Excitement:

Yesterday, in the midst of blowing and drifting snow, Miss M asked if she could invite a friend over to hang out. A friend who lives at least 5 miles away. I said that I doubted we could have friends driving over to play when we couldn't go to school. Miss M said, "I knew there was a downer to a snow day, you can't leave home."

Today, with school cancelled yet again, but the roads much better we ventured out to Piano lessons and to run a few errands. Of course, that meant we had to celebrate with "Happy Hour at Sonic." I even splurged on mozzarella sticks which caused much cheering from the girls.

As we drove forward to get our drinks, A noticed that no one was sitting in the Outside Eating Area and said "guess nobody wants to sit outside in this lovely weather." Let's remember, it's 12 degrees!

Essay's and lessons from our father

Finally, Mr. C has been asked to sign up for a Rotary Club Scholars program. He needed to write an essay and fill out an application and turn it in tomorrow. I suggested that we review his private school application notes and rework a 500 word essay he'd written as well.

C looked at me and said "isn't that cheating?" I went on to say, we didn't need to reinvent the wheel here, we had already done the work and could just "re purpose" the material for what we needed for school. In just a little bit of time, we had a completed application and a great essay.

Now, of course, I had to explain that you can't do this for research papers or book reports. This is unlike his father, who due to moving across country, used the same book multiple times for book reports. Just saying.

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