Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our Day at the Amusement Park: Part One

I'll admit right now that I have very pictures of the boys; they were often off on their own having a blast.  Plus the water park doesn't lend itself to many photos; the waves are too high.

I'll admit that I'm not a roller coaster girl. Never have been.  Miss M and Miss A are our thrill riders in the family. In fact, Miss M has ridden roller coasters and rides that would have resulted in either my death or losing of my lunch had I been brave enough to try.

However, I'm all for a day adventure, and when some friends asked if we would be interested in joining them for a day trip to a small family friendly amusement park/water park I was fully in.  Miss A could not be more excited as the friends had three girls  (just perfect company) and she's been wanting to go to Adventureland for her "entire life."  Who knew? 

Mr C who tends to be a little more like his mother when it comes to rides brought along a friend who shares our dislike. In fact, Mr A told my husband that some of the rides concerned him that they might result in a "serious brain injury."  A boy after my own heart! 

I'll admit that I was very impressed with the park and its amenities. It was clean, a perfect size for walking, giving kids a little freedom, and the water park was a top ten.  The wave pool was huge and according to Mr C and Mr A the best waves in this part of the country. The boys claimed that the waves were so big they could knock them over; and they are not "little boys" anymore!

We had a great cabana that gave us a little shade, but after a week of 100 degree temps the weather was perfect with temps in the 80's. In fact, after spending the whole morning swimming, we decided to try a few of the rides. After a few little rides (which I stood outside waiting), I finally gave in and decided to try the White Water Rafting.  You know the ride that you get either a little wet or soaked on.  Let's just say that I got soaked; thanks mostly to my friends Mr C and Mr A who took it as a challenge.  Sadly, as we disembarked, the Heavens opened up and it no longer realled mattered if I had been a little bit dry.

However, the little "shower" that drenched us didn't stop our fun.  The kids were dancing in the rain, running down the "river" and enjoying some hot chocolate and fresh donuts.  Gotta partake in some of the carnival food.  Thankfully, since we were wearing our swimsuits under the clothes, we didn't even notice the wet!

We were having a great time and in some ways the fun was just beginning!

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