Sunday, July 1, 2012

Plenty of Amusement: Part Two

Our afternoon at the Amusement Park was spent part drying off and part thrill rides.  The boys were busy checking out the wave pool again while the girls were busy on helicopters, boats, spinning things and fast log rides.  I was busy taking photos, watching bags, and catching giggles and smiles.  I'm committed to keeping my feet on the ground at all costs.

I was happy when one of our stops was a magic glow show; I'm still trying to figure out how he did some of the tricks. Too bad we didn't find the theater during the storm, it would have been a nice place to ride it out.  Next time.

We loved our day at the Amusement Park. Everyone left exhausted, but filled with great memories. Of course to make the boys day even better, we stopped off for some BBQ at a little place in Des Moines with an award winning brisket and ribs.  I kid you not; when I told the boys we were ready to leave so that we could stop for dinner at Smokey D's, I think they both jumped a mile high.  Mr C might have even hugged me and kissed me. 

Guess the way to a teenage boys heart really is with food!  I'm not exaggerating when I say that the Brisket, the sauce and the atmosphere were out of the world. Mr A's pork tenderloin was bigger than the plate, and C's hand, and was scrumptious.  It was according to Mr. A the first time in a long time that he's asked for a doggy bag. 

As thanks to Dad for working so hard so we could go on a trip like this, we brought him home a brisket sandwich.  Two hours later (stored in my cold box in the car) he said it was still "to die for" good.  Maybe BBQ is always the way to a "boys" heart!

Top Ten Day trips; wish we had thought to put this day our Summer Bucket list, it would have been given a huge star next to it for being such a stellar event.

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