Friday, July 27, 2012

Family Hike and Bucket List Promises

Having out of town family in for the weekend was a perfect excuse to spend the weekend at the Lake and cross a few items off our Summer Bucket List.  

An early morning walk to the Railroad Bridge and around the river bed made for great fun. No pictures this time from the Railroad Graffiti; lets just say my photography skills are not that good to blur out all the inappropriate words and gestures!  What's that saying my mother always said "foolish names and foolish faces will always be found in foolish places."  Guess momma was right!

I think Miss M was thrilled that she had worn her old tennis shoes when she took a big step in the mud!

Miss A and Uncle S took off on their own adventure and found a few trail for us to take.

Our afternoon in the sun and sand of course had to include a trip to Sandy Bottoms where we attempted a round of Beach Volleyball.  Sadly to sides were not even and Mr C might be a little too competitive to loose to a seven year old!  Just saying.

No trip to Sandy Bottoms would be complete however without some chicken fighting.  Hopefully, Uncle S's shoulders recovered before he arrived in Sunny California.  We might have to call this the summer of "Chicken Fighting."  Just don't tell the PETA people, they might get the wrong idea.

I think Uncle S and Aunt C and Cousin L were impressed with our family quarterback.  What can I say, Mr P missed his calling in the NFL when he choose Insurance as his profession.  At least that's what we tell him each time he tosses that Nerf football towards the end of the dock and into the hands of the waiting child!

 Let's face it; you can't throw the football the same way to a 5 foot eleven inch boy and an almost eight year old girl!  It's all about technique. The perfect dip in the water first, the arch of the arm and the perfect speed of the ball.  P would say it's a skill that's its taken him years to perfect. 

Finally, to finish off our weekend, we took the boat to the Marina and had Pizza on the Patio.  This item has been on our bucket list for a few years, and before we've always settled for ice cream or a snack, but we finally had the perfect weekend, the perfect guests to share it with and the perfect excuse to celebrate.  Why we waited so long for Marinated Pork and Beef Pizza is something we'll always wonder! 

Then for a last hurrah on the night Mr C got out his Remote Control Speedboat and showed off a little bit.  At one point he was even racing a real speed boat!  I won't say who won.  As Mr C pointed out, there really is nothing better than sitting on the dock and just driving your boat around and hearing the sound of the water splash. 

Sometimes just savoring the moment and doing the bucket list item is enough!

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