Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Keep Calm and Pray On: My Favorite Spot

Do you have that special place in your home?  You know, that place where you go to sit and be still.  The place you meet God in daily prayer, Bible study and just feel His presence.  In the winter, my "place" is a big red comfy chair in my study that literally swallows you up while you devour the Word.  I love this chair. God and I have had many long talks there.

The thing about having a spot is that it serves as a visible reminder to be keeping up with my Bible study, my prayer time and my relationship with God. That is whether I'm sitting out in there in the moments before dinner enjoying a glass of wine with my husband, chatting and going over dreams. Or I'm sitting on the deck with my favorite Summer Bible Study Group discussing Nehemiah and life, My spot is a reminder that all these "things" in my life go so much better when I sit there regularly having my quiet time!

As a Christian living in the world today, I think it's so valuable to surround yourself, your home and your life with little moments of encouragement, with words of wisdom from the Bible, and decor that uplifts your spirit.  Maybe that's why there is a cross in my kitchen, a Bible verse on my fireplace mantel, and a few chosen pieces of Christian art pieces in the house.  Living in today's world means I need to make sure my haven, my home, is a place of refuge and calm for myself and my family.

This summer, my place has changed. We are in the process of redoing our deck including staining, furniture, and decor. It's a place in progress, but we do have a new loveseat and big comfy chair that are slowly becoming my new "God place."  That does not apply this week since it has been 100 degrees for weeks meaning my time has to be late at night or early in the morning! Honestly, sometimes I've just had to use my winter spot.  Guess if it's this hot in the summer, maybe the outdoors will become my winter spot!

I was thrilled when Dayspring offered me a chance to review some Redeemed Outdoor Decor.  They must have read my mind that I needed a big comfy pillow for my spot!  I love my "Keep Calm, Pray On" pillow.  Not only does it fit the bill for soft and perfect for snuggling, it is just like a warm hug from God telling me to keep on keeping on.  Some days I need that little nudge. Don't you?

Maybe in the summer I realize my need to refresh and rebuild my spirit even more because I'm surrounded all day by noise and activity.  Those few moments alone are a little bit of heaven!  They uplift my spirit, refresh my soul and build my faith.  Guess they are kinda like a lifesaver.  I can hardly wait until this fall when the deck is freshly stained and the heat is a long ago memory and I sit out on the deck wrapped up in a blanket, talk to God, and focus on keeping calm and praying on.

By fall I'll have the flag pole on the back deck too, and will be able to proudly display my Keep Calm and Pray On Flag. For now, it's greeting visitors to our home.  If nothing else, it's distracts them from the dead flowers and dying grass!

You should check out the other Redeemed Outdoor Items at Dayspring. I think I've already found my new doormat for the back deck.  Gotta love a place that reads my mind, I was just thinking I needed a new one!

* I was given the Dayspring Redeemed Outdoor Pillow and Flag to review, but all the thoughts about the products are my own. Thank you Dayspring for consistently having great products with a message available to purchase. Love them! 


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