Monday, July 30, 2012

Hatmaker: Who Knew? In Over My Head!

Once in awhile, I get in over my head.  Literally.  Like recommending that Mr C's youth group dress up as Smurfs at camp and how it would be no problem for me to make a few Smurf hats out of fleece.  There is a big costume contest among the cabins and in the past the group has scoured the Goodwill for ideas. Mr C and I thought it would be so easy to wear blue shirts and white hats. Easy peas!

I figured how hard could it be to make a few hats. Me, the non-sewing mama.  I don't even own a sewing machine and my last sewing project was nearly 14 years ago was just a hem on a shower curtain.  My normal mode is to suggest to either my mother or mother in law that they help with any sewing we have.  Really, I just pawn it off on them and then thank them profusely afterwards.

Of course, the youth director did not say yes to my idea until a week before my son was to leave. At the time, my mother was out of town for a few days, my in laws live eight hours away, and I was on a time crunch.  Leaving me responsible for making the hats!

I found a great pattern for the smurf hats on a blog; went to Hobby Lobby and begged the fabric lady to help me with the details, and then went home and started cutting out 24 smurf hats and hand stitching all of them.  I told my husband I must have sounded a tad desperate as an older women at the fabric cutting table volunteered to have me come to her house and use her sewing machine for an afternoon.  A kind offer, but when she said it was a Bernina and could do "everything" I knew it was over my head.

Let's just say that making 24 hats out of fleece is no easy task.  Especially with my sewing skills.  I think I spent maybe three or four hours a day for three days and still had a stack to complete.  Hand sewing might have made me rethink the whole Amish thing.  It's tough!

After about three days of making hats, my friend D came to the rescue and sewed the final 10 hats on her little sewing machine.   Can't even tell you how much faster it was.  Wow, technology!  Plus I got to spend a little time chatting with a friend while she worked away.  It's fabulous to have good friends who know how to do things!

You might say that I know what's on my Christmas list this year; a sewing machine.  That, and maybe the ability to say no to projects! 

By the way, the Smurf Boys won the contest. Is it any wonder?

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