Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bible Study Group at the Lake: Take Eight

For the past eight years, my sister in law and I have hosted our Ladies Bible Study group and their children for a day at the lake each summer.  While the core group might have changed a little, the fun has only grown through the years.  Traditions like sand baseball, jumping off the dock, and even races across the cove have made for some fabulous memories.  For my kids and theirs.

In fact, I might have heard from more than one family that their kids hardly slept the night before they were "that" excited.  Mr C and his cousin A even took on the task of chicken fighting and football tossing.  Love those teenage boys and their endless energy and strength!

Sadly, the extreme heat led to a short game of baseball on the sand, but the boys recovered with a longer game of football in the water and lots of fancy dock jumping!  Who says only basketball players get "air." I saw a bit under most of these boys feet.

I love watching my kids/ niece and nephew take on the role as host and they do such a good job of including the younger kids in the games. Even Mr J who is not a fan of getting very wet, but loved his orange inter tube had his share of attention. Last year, the lake was all about all the girls and this year, it was all boy.  Even in the water, they worked up quite a sweat with all that splashing. 

Good thing most of the girls found a floating device to use as their vehicle of choice.  Miss A had her own little vessel going on and she and Mr C even found some time to just veg out and enjoy the water and sunshine.  Oh, the joys of summer; when hanging out is all the work you have to do.

All in all it was the perfect day and a great summer tradition. 

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Heather said...

We all had a great day! Thanks. I'm going to have to have you forward me some of those pictures!!