Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Brain Mush: Not Here

I'll admit it; my brain can sometimes suffer from the motherhood brain mush.  You know the one where you call your daughter by your son's name or you go to grocery store and can't remember where you've parked the car or you can't remember how old you are until you go to the Dr and he reminds you.

In an effort to keep our brain active this summer, we have reading time, math time, goofing off time, and jumping in the pool time.  We also made plans as part of our summer bucket list to go to a museum hosting a Mind Game Exhibit; Mindbender Mansion. The girls first went with Nana a few weeks earlier and had all kinds of great suggestions on what to do and how best to master the games.

Can you really beat an exhibit with a bumper car type puzzle or a jumping spelling game?  It was fun to watch my math genius kids work out the puzzles so quickly. Mr C's brain was in overdrive and often he had a posse of little boys following him around watching him figure out the puzzles and games.  His mother might have relied on his help too, but that will be our secret.

I'll admit I'm not a mind game person. I hate sudoku, but love to play solitaire and scrabble.  However, I really enjoyed my time at the museum.  Not only did I enjoy just experiencing it with the kids, I tried my hand a few games and even conquered a few.  Who knows, maybe this winter I'll take up crossword puzzles? 

Think we are adding the item "take Dad to the Mindbender Musuem" to our summer bucket list.  It's good to flexible. It encourages brain function I've heard.

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