Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Survived Girl Scout Camping in 100 Degree Heat

I'm not really an "outdoorsy" person.  Shocking I know.  How I've survived seven years as a Girl Scout leader with my disdain for camping, tents and bugs is rather amazing. Honestly, I think it's all because I've been able to convince my troops and their parents that Cabin Camping is just as good as Tent Camping.

Even better.  Air Conditioning, indoor toilets and the ability to sleep in a bunk house on a small thin mattress makes this outdoor activity much more tolerable.  I am a wimp and I own it!  However since the temperature was 104 degrees when we left town, I'm not sure we would have gone camping at all had we not had the deluxe accommodations. 

As the co-leader of Miss A's troop, I was able to strong arm my friend into going camping this summer at my favorite cabin camp along with its outdoor pool. We even convinced our friend, the 2nd grade leader, to bring her troop along. Miss M and her friend M came along as the seasoned "campers" and were invaluable with their ability to play, teach songs, and just flat out entertain 22 young girls. I'm not sure I'll go camping again without some older girl Tagalogs!  Thank you "M's"

Miss A had an absolutely fabulous time on her first ever Girl Scout camping trip. She loved the crafts (water bottle flowers and t-shirt autographs), had a blast swimming with all her friends at the pool, and the hikes at night and early in the morning were just the perfect amount of challenge and fun.  It's hard to beat walking along the shore, climbing over rocks, and singing camp songs with all your buddies.

Miss A and I shared a bunk bed.  She took the top so she could chat with her friends while I read my book on the bottom in between the giggling of an room full of excited first and second girls sleeping in bunk beds at a camp. 

I'll admit that I can't imagine going to camp without some of the amazing moms who came along.  I might be able to wrangle a group of girls to get going along a trail or come up with crafts for a group, but I can't make pancakes on a griddle to save my life or handle all the clean up or keep a bunch of girls happy and safe without their help.

Well worth all the effort involved!

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