Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mid Summer Festival: Fun While it Lasts

Sunday was the Mid Summer Festival hosted by the local Scandinavian organizations.  It was fun to have our Norwegian Grandparents in town for the festivities. This years' event was even bigger and better than previous ones with a full stage for the musical talent and flag ceremony.

Sadly, Miss M who is by the far the most "Norwegian" (and the most German and English) was unable to attend because she had a babysitting job lined up. Miss M loves all things multicultural and has learned the most of her heritage.   Thankfully, she was content to hear second hand from us and see the photos.

Miss A was thrilled that she was asked to pass out flowers for the Memorial Remembrance for the Norwegian Tragedy last summer and for the May Day Pole that they hosted for the opening ceremony. While she was a little shy asking if people wanted a flower, once Dad was her partner and he did all the talking, it got easier.   Miss A loved the Trolls and was psyched to see the Vikings fight.
Too bad our summer drought ended just before the party really started.  Really, it had been weeks since the last rainstorm and right as they started the flag procession and May Pole Raising, the heavens opened up.  We braved it out for a little while but when it appeared that the rain was not going to let up we called it an event.
The evening wasn't totally a bust, however, since we did end up going out for Pizza at one of our favorite family run pizza parlors.  It might not have been very Norwegian of us, but according to both Mr C and Miss A it was scrumdeliicious!

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