Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Funny Things I've Heard: Summer Edition

These first few weeks of summer have been "hectic" at least in summer terms. We've had lots of time together in the car driving to and from the various activities.  It goes without saying that this has allowed me to hear a my kids talk a lot, and of course, many of them have benn funny comments or insight.

Mr C has been taking Drivers Ed for the past two weeks lasting from 7:30 in the morning until 10:00. What was I thinking when I signed up for this class?  In addition, he's had to "drive" with the instrutor a few time each week in the afternoon.  Mr C's driving is improving, but he's complaing that his "Driver" is not getting enough action.  By that he means his golf clubs.  He told me that all this time spent driving the car is interferring with golf and time practing and playing.

In fact, I think the exact phrase he used was " all this drivers ed junk is really ruining my golf time."  Well yes, Mister it is, but since you want to DRIVE a car someday get over it!  His littlest sister put it best when she replied " well once you can drive a car, you go going golfing whenever you want without having to ask Mom for a drive so just be happy!"

Out of the mouth of babes.

Miss M has been at a performing arts day camp all week and she's loving it.  Her only complaint is that she's "dying" of thirst when she gets done at 3:00 p.m.  Guess they must not have running water at the church. (yeah right) so every day she thinks we should bring her some liquid refreshment.  Most days I obliged or at least stop for some lemonade on the way home.

On Wednesday, when I purchased some patio furniture right before picking her up and had the car jammed packed with the boxes, golf clubs, chairs, more golf clubs and a softball bag for good measure, I did not think about bringing her a drink. In fact, there was barely any room for Miss M to sit since we were stuffed to the gills.  Miss M exited the church and said I guess you didn't think about bringing me a drink did you?  Miss A took the response right out of my mouth when she said "be grateful you have a seat Missy, you could be sitting on the roof, you can get a drink at home.!"

Now I realize it was a little sassy, but really spot on , don't you think.

Finally, the comment that made me almost have an "accident."  The girls and I had gone to the pool for an evening swim and were coming home about 8:30 at night. It was a georgeous night, clear and cool after a very hot day.  The sun was slowly setting and I pointed out to the girls just how beautiful Gods' creation was.  Miss A said " oh yeah, the sun is just about to turn into the moon."  What, I asked? "You know, how the sun is on a conveyer belt and the sun goes down and the moon comes up."

Here all along I've thought the moon and sun were two seperate things, and they are just on an celesital escalator of sorts, with one going down and the other going up!

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