Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A Walk Down Memory Lane

I'm not really a reunion type of girl.  Blame it on my lack of memory for other's names, the inability to recall events that happened earlier than...yesterday, or the fact that even though I loved high school and college (except for a few events, people, etc.) I haven't done a good job of keeping in touch with my "old" friends.  Except for my dear friend Kath and the lovely "O" girls !

However, when my college friend T and her sister asked if I was attending the 100th Anniversary of my sorority's chapter, it was a no brainier to say yes.  A weekend away, a girls only trip and a walk down memory lane; that's a trifecta of fun.  Even though it's been 25 plus years since I've seen the 3rd floor of the sorority house or the faces of most of my sorority sisters, it was as if no time had passed.  In fact, sharing a room with my friend B at the hotel was similar to the 2 girl room we shared on R Street.  Guess once a roommate always a roommate.  The only difference was this time I made coffee in the room instead of waking up to put sweats on and get a diet Pepsi before class.

It's amazing how much you can recall and how much you have forgotten.  My friends reminded me that I had the reputation of eating the most meals at the Housemother's Table.  I loved this grandmotherly type widow who lived in own little apartment on first floor, and who would talk and talk about old times if given a chance.  I think Maxine reminded me of real life in the midst of the "fake" reality of college life.  I was never afraid to sit at her table and often stop by after class to just chat in the sitting room with her.  If I remember correctly, a few of those conversations involved talking about the latest dish from ""As The World Turns", our favorite Soap Opera!

My friends reminded me of the hours I spent in the basement study room and the library at night. I think the library was mostly for the cute boys and the chance of getting walked home by a fraternity boy; while the study room was serious business. I was scared spitless of my Psych Professor who claimed only 1 in 3 would make it out of college.  We spent hours recalling the crazy days of date parties, finals week and, of course, boyfriend drama.  I so wanted to yell out on the intercom: "Jill you have a Caller on first floor" (codeword for boy visitor.) 

College is where I really blossomed. My faith grew by leaps and bounds, my political convictions were solidified and my knowledge of the world and how it worked were shaped.  Those hours of walking parades for candidates, starting a personal quiet time and studying, studying and studying really paid off. 

There are a lot of great memories I hold from my college days; politics, classes, friends, bible studies and, of course, sorority meetings that I was able to "re-live" in some respect.  While I'm grateful that I had a chance to walk down memory lane I'm content to live in the present.  God has done great things for me in the past 25 years and I'm happy to live this current journey with Him and my family.

Now the big blonde hair and the fresh face I might be willing to "re-live."

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