Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Art Festival, Guitar Lessons, Grandparents and Mt Rushmore Oh My!

Who says you actually have to go to South Dakota to see the Presidents on Mt Rushmore?  All we had to go was shop for fresh produce at the Farmer's Market.  Now, we've talked about going to Rapid City in the next few years to see the "faces" upclose, but now I'm thinking the kids will think that we've already done that!

Our downtown adventure with visiting Grandparents also included a trip to an Arts Festival where Mr C got a cartoon of himself in all his high school golfing glory. I think you could say he's pretty pleased with how well the Artist captured him and his bag.  I kept thinking how nice it will look at his graduation party.  Wow! That's scary to think about.  Miss M is already planning what her "dancer" cartoon will look like when she gets on next year.  A girl can dream.

It was a perfect Saturday to wander about, catch a few minutes of shade at a picnic table and enjoy Cowboy food at a Restaurant called the Twisted Fork.  Almost sounds like we were really in South Dakota.    

Finally, in the afternoon Miss A had her first long awaiting Guitar Lesson.  She's taking an intro to guitar class with three others including a second cousin.  She came out of the lesson thrilled that she now knows the scale and could show off her skills to the family.  She reminded us that Taylor Swift started this way too; no promises.

Summer Weekends in the City are the best!

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