Monday, June 11, 2012

Lemonade Stands and Garage Sales the things of Summer

You could say that the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge inspired me to clean out the clutter.  After multiple trips to Goodwill (yes they might have called me by name by Easter) and tons of garbage bags filled to the brim, there were just a few thing that I thought might sell for cash.  In May, I made plans to do the neighborhood sale only to realize it was the last week of school. Hello, I wasn't going to give up my final days of freedom!

Thankfully, my good friend D who lives just one neighborhood away also wanted to have a garage sale and their sale was the first weekend in June. Perfect.  A few extra weeks to determine the right stuff to sell, kids off school who could serve as free labor, and of course Miss A could host a lemonade stand.  Sold.

It was a perfect day for a garage sale. Excellent weather. Great crowd. The kids all came for various amounts of time; Miss A and Miss M made lemonade with our friend B, Mr C arrived just in time for lunch and the girls finished the afternoon running through the sprinkler.  Like I said; perfect.

I was thankful that all the heavy things sold, meaning I only had to take the small stuff to Goodwill after the sale. Goodbye Nursery furniture.  You've served us well for fifteen years and I'm glad you are going to a nice home.  Miss A was disappointed that the American Girl Doll Stroller she was selling didn't go, but thankfully we sold it the next day at a friend's sale.  She was thrilled with the $20 she pocketed from selling it and lemonade!
I'm hoping that after next years' 40 Day challenge, I'll have nothing left to sell.

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