Sunday, June 24, 2012

Kid Shine: Letting Your Child "Shine"

I think if Miss M had been born in the vaudeville era, she would have been a stage star: singing, dancing, and doing little skits.  I think if we lived in a town with an amusement park, she'd have a summer job dressed up in character costume or performing a little "number" on the stage.There is within her this little bit actress, singer and dancer and when she's given a chance to perform, she will. Just ask the grandparents.  Our family room fireplace has seen many a performance and thankfully, her sister is often willing to be the sidekick.

When you find your child's passion, you do your best to make sure they are afforded every opportunity to shine in that arena.  That's why we are at the dance studio all year long. It's why we sign up Miss M for a little performing arts camp in the summer.  It gives her the chance to use her gifts.  The fact that the camp is only a day camp (meaning no sleeping in tents) is just a bonus.  Well except for all the driving for the mother!

Kid's Shine is the perfect mixture of fun, performing, and creativity. All week, the kids learn parts, practice dances and songs, and get their lines down in just the right way for the audience to catch the humor.  Miss M was thrilled that this year she was both a dancer and a narrator, the perfect blend.  The practice is all geared to having the show ready for a Friday night performance.

Before you think stuffy and boring, you should realize that before the performance, the professional teachers were encouraging us to whoop and holler really loud, to laugh extravagantly, and to really hype it up for the kids.  Since the performance is in the Church Sanctuary, it seems a little odd at first, but you quickly realize how much fun this show is for the audience too! 

This year Miss M was blessed to have not only her family in audience, but Nana and Papa and our fabulous neighbors the C's.  Our entire row was having a great time cheering on our favorite Broadway star.  It really is a treat to see your children find something that brings them such joy!

Of course, we ended the evening with ice cream. Nothing says summer sitting outside in the dark eating a frozen treat; life is too short not to enjoy the moment!

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