Monday, April 2, 2012

Mondays' are for Lists....

It's Monday and nothing says Monday to me more than a list.  I have my menu plan list for the week, my chore list for the week, my to do list for today so why should my blog be any different.  Plus, I had the item "update blog" on my list of things for today so by writing this list here, I'm able to cross of that item there.

Today's list is a hodgepodge of life lessons, admissions and funny things perfect for the beginning of a new month. 
  1. Life is too short not to stop at Lemonade Stands.  Take that as a life lesson.  Yesterday, as Miss A and I were driving Mr C to chipping/putting practice, we saw one of her first grade friends having a lemonade stand outside her house.  At first, I almost drove past, but I didn't. We stopped and bought two glasses at 25cents a piece (I tipped her 50 cents) and chatted for a few moments.  You know if you are too busy to stop at a lemonade stand, you are too busy!
  2. There is less than a week left in the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge and there are just a few more areas left on my purging rampage. I'm at 45 bags and counting.  While I don't think I'll make it to the basement before Easter, the rest of the house will be a lot less cluttered.  I might start my own challenge for April-May and see how many more bags I can get before summer.
  3. Friday night, I hosted Bunco at my house and I'm happy to say that no actual gambling occurred.  Come to think of barely any Bunco happened either.  Get a bunch of women together without kids and you'll get a lot of talking going on.  Next month, we might just admit that we are just getting together for "fun" and maybe do a recipe exchange or a craft. 
  4. We've gone over to the dark side by joining Costco.  I know it's hard to believe.  I am the person who has claimed that Costco was like a cult has finally given into peer pressure.  We've been Sam's Club members since 1995 or about the same time most of Miss A's friends' parents graduated from high school.  Costco sucked me in with the fact they are miles closer to my house, have nearly the same stuff as Sams' so I'm not losing anything, and it's right near the gym making it within my "sphere."  I have rules about how far from home I travel and Costco falls inside my zone.  I know it's odd, but I just get more done closer to home!
  5. Finally, it's Easter week, that wonderful time of year when I stand amazed at what My Savior did for me!  This year, Mr C is in the Maundy Thursday drama at church.  He'll be one of the Roman Soldiers taking Jesus away from the garden after the Last Supper.  It's a role my husband played the Easter a few times when we first started dating and were married.  According to my mother, it is when she first remembers seeing Mr P at church.  I'm sure that the reenactment of this Holy Night will bring me to tears not just because it will be so personal with my "son" in that role, but because it will remind me again that Jesus was God's Son, too.  He knew what would happen that Night, He knew the "cup" that Jesus would have to suffer.  God knew too that the Cross was the only way.  He did it all for me.  Wow! 
I'm praying that this week, more than ever before, I will appreciate and wonder at the Father's love for me (and you) that He would allow His one and only to die on a cross!  That's Amazing Love.

I'm so grateful.  Aren't you.

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