Wednesday, April 11, 2012

40 Bags in 40 Days Update

I would love to say that as a result of my 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge there is not a stitch of unused or unneeded "stuff" in my house, but the reality is that even though I crushed the goal there is still a lot of junk I need to go through.  In fact, I tossed or donated 55 bags of clothing, books, kitchen stuff, and tons of things that have been sitting in my cabinets for years without purpose.  I'd love to show you some great photos of the cabinets and closets, but I'm no Simply Organized and my closets still don't look like that!  Plus, the whole camera dilemma. Thankfully, now the camera is back so there is still hope; I still have an entire basement to go through.

Can you imagine the good stuff hiding in the storage room?  Not to mention all the camping stuff that Mr C swears he'll never use again or the clothes that kept from when Miss M was eight.  While I though Miss A would love them, I'm sure she'll never put them on.  Oh, the bags that await me.  I've challenged myself to get downstairs next week and get started.  My goal is to be all done before the kids get out of school. 

That gives me a little over a month to tackle my next big project.  I've challenged myself to come up with 55 bags downstairs, too.  I think a garage sale is in my plans as well.  We have a doll house, a little kids art table and two dressers that are ready for someone else to enjoy.  There is probably much more.  I hate garage sales, but hate to think of these items wasting away in the recess of my basement. 

I think if I exceed my goal, I'm going to take the family to our favorite Mexican Cantina and enjoy a margarita on the patio!

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