Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Freshman Year: An Answer to Prayer

Mr C and his friends at the Father Son Banquet last week.

I love it when answers to your prayers are so evident and the blessings of God so obvious.  For over a year, we prayed that God would show us the perfect place for Mr C to attend high school.  I might have even prayed that He'd strike me with lightening to show me the "place."  While God wasn't that bold, both my husband and myself along with Mr C felt God calling us to send Mr C to MM and, so this fall, we went boldly with faith into Mr C's freshman year.

Y'all can I just say I've been blown away by how this one choice, of a school, has been so perfect for our son.  He's beyond thriving at the school.  He's been challenged this year to think critically and to use his knowledge to research and study for tests, writing assignments and speeches.  The boy who loved math, but hated English and books, is now the young man who still thrives on math, but also has found a love for History and English. He reads books! 

He's been challenged to take his faith to a deeper level and while his knowledge of the Bible and understanding of the tenants of faith have grown, I think his love for Jesus has grown even more. He's become a bold and compassionate speaker and is not afraid to discuss his faith with anyone.  Not only does he "get it," he desires to get more of God in his daily walk. 

He's also grown as young man because of the company he keeps.  I've been blown away this year by the young men that Mr C has become friends with and could not have picked better people for him to hang out with and spend his high school career around. Because the school is small, he's really gotten to know the boys well and made friends with a variety of different types of boys from pure jocks to math geeks, international students, and a few golf fanatics too!  Watching the boys at the Basketball Games cheering like crazy for the team or seeing pictures of their "May Day service project and war ball extravaganza," it's evident that these young men are thriving and loving their high school years.

Our prayer for our son has always been that he would love Jesus, love what he does with his time, and be a servant to others so that they could see the love of Jesus in him.  If freshman year is any predictor, I think that by the time Mr C graduates from high school he will equipped to do all that and more. 

Thank you God for not only graciously answering our prayers for the right school for Mr C but for making this such a great experience for our whole family.

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