Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Front Door Decoration

I've been wanting to put up an Easter Decoration for my front door since about March 18th and I'm pleased to say it was up before April 1st.  At least before midnight on the 1st.  Big plans are my middle name, but at least I finally came through with a week to spare.

This is my second Burlap Door Hanger.  It is getting a little easier and I'm certainly figuring out a few tricks.  I figure by the 4th or 5th design I make, they might look good enough to put on Pinterst.  Not yet though.

For this project, I used white burlap and some fun spring paint colors.  While I had dreams of the words like "He Is Risen" written on the front, the reality is it just didn't look right.  I used a cross template from Hobby Lobby (They had the perfect plastic foam cross with the word "It is Finished" on them for sale as a yard display) that was just the right size. 

First, I painted the border and then I made polka dots of various colors all over the cross.  I used embroidery floss to sew together the front and back pieces of burlap.  Next time, I think I'll try to sew with the bottom piece being the "top" so that most of the sewing shows through on the back.  I had tried some spray adhesive but it just didn't stick like I wanted.  I used grocery plastic bags to stuff the cross. 

Not wanting to take away from the impact of the Cross (and advice from P), I choose not to use a ribbon on the top.  I love the final look.  It is fun, bright, and cheery without losing the message of the Cross; Jesus.  I'm planning to drape the cross with black cloth on Good Friday and remove it early Easter Morning. 

A friend and I are already making plans for a Spring/Summer Burlap Hanger.  We are trying to decide if it will be a flower, flip flops, or surfboard.  Who knows maybe it will be all of the above.

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