Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A New Season Begins: Times Two

Miss A in her Cubs Uniform: First Game

 SCORE: Four Goals in one game!

Miss A is playing two sports this spring.  While we had planned on just playing soccer when all of her first grade friends signed up for softball she wanted to give it a try. Thankfully, she's able to wear the same shoes for both sports which makes getting ready a little easier.  In Miss A's mind the fact that she's a Cubs player is even better. We already own a great deal of real Chicago Cub gear so she's the best dressed at practice.  After eleven years of playing "baseball," it's about time we got to be the Cubs!

During the preseason, she was a switch hitter; batting like a left hander, but catching like a righty.  She was banging the ball far, but once they started practicing at the field she realized it's easier to get down the field to first base when you bat right handed.  Smart girl.  Saturday was the first game and she was psyched to get to the field; ready long before time and even playing a little catch to warm up.  Guess you could say after all these years sitting on the bleachers on the sports complex she was thrilled to finally be in the dugout and on the field. 

In three at bats, she hit off the pitching machine twice; once almost making it to the fence!  Of course a few times in the outfield and on the dirt, I noticed she was daydreaming and chatting with friends, but this girl has got game.  At the end of the game, she was thrilled that she got the "golden ticket."  OK really it was just a snack shack ticket, but it was like gold to her!! 

I think it's a gonna be a fun softball season. 

Sport season number two is also underway; Tuesday was our third soccer game of the season and I hardly recognized the little girl on the field. She was a beast.  Now in the past few seasons while Miss A has always been a part of the action, this season she's been really running, chasing, getting in the mix and dominating the field.  Even when Miss A took a hard hit to the shin and had to hobble off the field, she did not hesitate to get back into the game after a short break.

She even went on to score four goals.  Our team dominated the field so much that by the end of the game the score was 11 to 0!  Miss A was so excited.  One of her goals she really had to work it, the ball kept missing the goal and she had to go back three times in order to score.  She was determined!

By the end of spring, I think we'll not only have earned a few hours sitting on the field and in the bleachers I know that I'll be so proud of the little girl who wanted to "try" a few things and succeed.  My little athlete Miss A.

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