Friday, April 27, 2012

Miss M's English Tea Party

It's Tea Party week around these parts. On Monday, Miss M hosted along with her Nana an English Tea Party for her friends/Balcony Girls and you might be able to tell by the photos that a good time was had by all.  There is just something fun about getting all dressed up, putting on your best hat, and sitting down at a table with all the best china and some of your best friends.

Nana has been hosting these granddaughter Tea Parties for more than a decade (my nieces, Miss A and Miss M) and I think its one of my daughters' favorite things.  Not only does Nana put out the fancy tea cups and tea sandwiches, she has accumulated a closet full of fancy party dresses, hats, and jewels for the girls to gussy themselves up in.

It's like a dream come true for a girl to have a closet full of fancy dresses, heels, and hats to choose from!

Of course, the Tea Party is also a time for Nana to share her English heritage and customs with others. She also shares some tips on how to be a ladylike at a luncheon, table manner tips, and an overall manner lesson done in a fun way.  Lessons like that come best from a grandmother rather than a mother sometimes!

It's fun to see young ladies enjoy an afternoon of fun, fellowship, and dressing up.  I'm sure this is yet another wonderful memory that Miss M will store away.

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