Friday, April 13, 2012

The End of HIs Musical Career

Mr C is hanging up the trombone.  For good.  Yesterday was his final performance and I just might have gotten a few tears thinking my days of spring band concerts are over. He's ending his musical career after this school year and I must admit I'm a little sad.  Don't let the pictures fool you, until a few months ago, Mr C played the trombone, but this spring he switched to the Tuba. 

The joy of a small school is that the band really needed a tuba player for their spring performance and Mr C was drafted to put down the trombone and pick up the Tuba.  Guess if you know one brass instrument its easy to switch to another.  At least that's the story I'm sticking with.

Mr C started his musical career at age three when we signed him up for Kinder Music.  Our pediatrician had suggested that he might enjoy music lessons since he was so mathematical.  Guess math and music use the same part of your brain.  No wonder I quit piano in 5th grade (I broke my arm and the teacher told me not to return) and I hate math!  Now to be honest, the Dr suggested Violin lessons Suzuki style and that did not sell well at home.
In kindergarten, he took up piano thanks to a family friend who offered to teach him to play (she's still teaching the girls).  In fifth grade, he took up the Trombone.  Which in turn led to a few months of pain for our ears while he practiced and a few concerts that it looked like he might pass out from holding  his breath and pushing out his cheeks!  Only a parent can love a 5th grade Band Concert. 

This year, Mr C decided he'd try out band in high school and since they only have a pep band at basketball games and no marching band, it wasn't a huge commitment.  The main drawback is that the class meets at 7:00 in the morning twice a week.  It's hard to get up that early on a Monday morning.

While I'm hoping that maybe Mr C will go back to piano lessons or at least practicing a few of his favorite songs, I understand that for him his season of music lessons is over.  I guess you could say that the pediatrician was right that math and music use the same portion of the brain since Mr C is a math whiz.  At least his mother, the girl who thought geometry was the best class ever since there was very little "math" involved, thinks he's pretty smart!

Now what do we do with this lovely little trombone that we own?  Let's just say its a $900 dust bunny collector right now!

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