Thursday, April 19, 2012

One of my Favorite Lunch Dates

I'm a sucker for a lunch date.  I love to "do" lunch with friends, my hubby, or my kids.  Not only don't I have to cook or plan the food, a lunch date normally means you have that person's undivided attention and can talk about everything or nothing.

My lunch date on Tuesday with Miss A was a real treat.  It was born out of necessity, but the end result was something that I'll treasure for years.  Because this weekend was crazy busy and my husband was out of town, I had not gone to the grocery store for days. Thus, Tuesday morning when I read the school lunch menu and saw that I'd need to make Miss A a cold lunch I panicked.  I'd planned on grocery shopping that morning, but at 7:30 that morning I was breadless.  Nada. Nothing. Now I'll tell you, Miss A when she has cold lunch, which is often, normally has a peanut butter sandwich on wheat bread along with some pretzels, a piece of fruit, and some sort of cookie, brownie or pudding cup.  The main item is always pb on bread.  That's a problem without any bread.

Quick thinking Mama offered to bring lunch up to school. I'd even bring a hot lunch for her to enjoy: mac and cheese.  How could a girl refuse?  Miss A was thrilled. Not only would she get one of her favorite meals, she'd get lunch with mom out of the deal. Gotta love that.

It's a special day when you get to have lunch with a bunch of first graders.  First, I got to hold Miss A and a friends' hand walking down to the cafeteria. I got a huge hug for the yummy mac n cheese and I got to open a half dozen milk cartons, jello cups, and even cut up a few burritos.  Miss A's teacher even came by to talk.  There was a lot of giggling, some silly stories, and even a few deep conversations about what costumes they would be wearing for the upcoming plays. 

After lunch, I was invited to come outside and watch a little of the playground fun.  Miss A wanted to show off her skills on the jungle gym.  However, I was then quickly excused so that the could run around for awhile and play an elaborate game of chase.  Of course, I got at least five hugs from little girls before I headed off with the best one of course coming from my favorite first grader Miss A.

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Jessica said...

Thanks,Jill, for the zoo advice! Are you in Omaha? David's brother and his wife/three ids live in Omaha! Millard area.... Small world! : ) We plan on visiting Omaha soon actually!