Sunday, June 30, 2013

Boy Versus Team of Girls.....

Mr C has not played on a baseball team since eighth grade.  He turned in his batting helmet and glove for a umpire's mask and shield.  In many ways, he's at the ball fields now more than ever before, but the only games of ball he plays anymore are with little white balls and golf clubs.

Last week, Mr C was scheduled to umpire a Pony League Girls Softball game doubleheader.  He normally does boys baseball, but the teams involved were his age.  Also, since it was inter league play, the Umpire Director wanted someone with great skills and presence on the field.  Since the games were being played on the field next to Miss A's final softball game, both P and I were excited to see Mr C in action.  When we arrived at the field for A's game, we realized that only one team was on the field where C was umpiring.  Guess the away team decided to forfeit the game, but hadn't told anyone in time to call of the game and the home team all showed up ready to play.

Mr C volunteered to umpire a Scrimmage for the girls to give them a chance to "play."  Since he was being paid anyway, he felt is was the honorable thing to do.  You have to appreciate the young man's integrity.  What he didn't expect was that before the game was over, their pitcher asked Mr C if he'd like to take a few swings at the bat.  Of course.  Even if he was wearing his umpire clothing and it was  a "girl pitcher," he figured why not.

Mr C got a hit and made it all the way to home base without getting tagged so I'd say it was a successful "at bat!"  So glad we were sitting near by and caught a glimpse of this handsome young man rounding the bases!

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