Monday, June 10, 2013

Another Golfer in the Family

Miss M is playing in a Junior Golf League this summer at an executive golf course which means she doesn't have to worry about Par 5 holes. While Miss M is a little new to the game, she's decided this is the summer of trying new things and golf is at the top of her list.  I love the gusto.

Thankfully, Miss M's good friend is able to play with her and while normally you are in a group of four, so far the girls are just a twosome meaning there is probably as much chatting as there is chipping and putting. The best part of this adventure is that for about 90 minutes Miss M and her friend are just enjoying being together and having fun on the course.

Miss M has talked about trying a few golf lessons and tutoring with her Papa in hopes of improving her swing and game.  Guess she has has some hopes of playing on the High School golf team like her brother.  Of course, her brother has taken her out on the course and driving range too.  While sometimes this exercise has resulted in great success, other days have been a disaster.  According to Mr C, his sister can be a little strong willed and unwilling to listen to coaching and Miss M says that he just bosses her around and tries to call that teaching. Probably a touch of truth to both sides.....

Here's to a great season of Golf for our newest golfer.

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