Wednesday, June 26, 2013

College World Series aka Head Basketball Coach Sighting

The College World Series have been in my hometown of Omaha for over fifty years and for my entire life my parents have had season's tickets.  You might say that I grew up in the seats of Rosenblatt Stadium and spent many weeks of my childhood watching and cheering for College Baseball Teams.  When I married my husband, I knew that his favorite Longhorns were frequent visitors to the CWS and while he says that the tickets were not a reason for marriage, I often wonder.
For the past two years, we've made the trip to TD Ameritrade for College World Series in it's new "house."  Some years I go to a game, others I offer up my seats to the kids.  Don't think me generous; I realize that a day at the ballpark for the kids and husband means a day off for the mother.  Hello Hallmark Channel Movies and peaceful time to knit.  On Father's Day, my husband and kids had a chance to go to an afternoon at the Ballpark...I encouraged them to have some father/child bonding.  I'm no fool.

The CWS opening weekend is a real experience; there are people everywhere and the Fan Experience is amazing with free give aways, baseballs to throw , and tons of interesting "people" to watch!

At that first game of the series that the kids got to watch, my husband nicknamed this years College World Series the "Year of the Basketball Coach."  Our seats were right near those of Coach Roy Williams of North Carolina. Coach Williams used to be the coach of the Big 12's basketball stars, Kansas, and thus this Texas boy recognized him right away.  Of course, the long line for photos with the coach might have had something to do with it too.

At the Monday Night game, P was joking with some Indiana fans that they were sitting in the same seat that Roy Williams had been in the day before when they told him that their own Basketball Coach was just a few rows ahead.  I think my husband almost couldn't believe it.  To up the ante, he bribed Miss A to go get her photo taken with Coach Tom Crean.  She balked at first, but finally subsumed to pressure when the offer included a large soda and a big pretzel with cheese.  Gotta love a girl with a strong will.

This is however where the basketball coach trend ends..... the rest of the series was just good old fashioned College Baseball.  Guess you can't expect every head BB coach to be sitting  in the stands, it is after all their off season.  Thankfully, there was stll a lot of CWS fun ahead and while the team we were rooting for throughout the series, Mississippi State, did not come out the final champion we had tons of fun watching them try!

The College World Series..the greatest show on dirt!

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