Friday, June 21, 2013

Thanking God for Great Test Results

Mr C had his yearly physical the other day. He needed both a camp checkup and a sports physical.  On the way to the appointment, he told me that he really doesn't mind the Dr that much anymore.  Once he survived his 7th grade physical, it's been pretty easy. No need to fear shots anymore and since I let him get the flu mist. he doesn't even think about needles.  His greatest hope was the he'd learn that he was now officially over six feet tall and maybe even six three so he could beat his dad in inches.  He has dreams of height!

Last year at the appointment, we learned that C had grown over seven inches in a year.  While his hopes were slightly less for this year, he was still disappointed when the nurse said he was "only" 73 inches tall.  What!  Mr C asked for a redo on the measurement and of course it was the same.  Poor guy he's only 6 foot 1 inch, but the doctor says there is hope that he will grow a little bit more.  One can only hope.  Our favorite nurse stuck her head in the door to laugh at his complaint saying that most boys would be more than pleased with 73 inches.

The rest of the appointment went well until we mentioned that C has "passed out" two times in the last few months.  Both times were early in the morning when he'd just woken up from sleep and was heading to the kitchen for breakfast.  The first time it startled me (until I remembered my friend mentioning her son had done it too and the doctor attributed it to fast growth and the body trying to catch up) and the second time was less dramatic, but I still thought we should mention it to the doctor.

Mr C was not pleased with me bringing up this issue  While the doctor didn't seem alarmed due to C's overall good health and low blood pressure, he did spend an extra long time listening to his heart.  At the end of the visit, he said that while it all sounded good, it might not be a bad idea to get an EKG of his heart at the hospital.  He'd set it up in the next few days and then we'd see if anything was going on that was abnormal.
The Doctor's first thought was that Mr C might be suffering from dehydration and need to boost up how much he drinks especially in the morning when he wakes up.

Amazingly, we got an appointment for an EKG that afternoon and left right for the hospital; a little scary but in some ways nice to get it over so quickly. I have to say that both C and I were pretty calm though; confident in what was happening and trusting God.  My husband and my mother both called and prayed with us while we waiting and remarkably we both just felt a peace.  According to Mr C, he has a track record of having fluke illnesses that tend to be "nothing" remarkable so what could be the problem really.

The entire EKG process was over in about an hour (50 minutes of waiting and ten minutes of actual testing, most of the time spent putting on the electrodes.) The funniest thing was the exam table was a little short and the cardiologist tester commented that most of the patients at the Children's Hospital are much shorter. Love the irony.

The next day the doctor's office called to say that the EKG came back normal.  Thank you, God. Mr.C's heart is norma.  He just tends to be a little dehydrated making it hard for his heart to react to sudden movements in the morning.  For now, we are just increasing our fluid intake thankful that everything is fine.

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