Sunday, June 23, 2013

Lights, Camera, Action

Miss M is our family's born performer.  She is not afraid of the stage or the dance floor.  It's truly her element. I've told her that I'm amazed at the things she does in front of the crowd; it would make me throw up.  Since the early days of childhood, she has been right at home making up dances, putting on little skits, and in essence demanding attention while she performs.

For the past three years, Miss M has been attending a week long Christian performing arts day camp.  During the course of a week, they learn dances, memorize lines for skits, and practice performing songs for the Friday night performance of the Musical.  It's an amazing thing to watch how quickly the kids come together and make this Musical come alive.  The skits, dances, and song weave together to tell a story.  This year, the theme was "Snoops" where the investigators were in search of "Christian."  They incorporated Old and New Testament Men and Women who lived out their faith like Joseph, Moses, and Paul.

Miss M sang in the Chorus, danced, and used her humor and theatrical talent to play an Investigator with a wiry since of humor.  She's got a great sense of comic timing and had the audience laughing at all the right times.  It's fun to see how at home she is on the stage and watch the talent of all the kids in the unique ways God has gifted them whether as a singer, dancer or actor.

I'm sad that this will be Miss M's last year of performing in Kid's Shine as she will age out of the program, but I'm confident she will find new ways to use her talents.  We already have a few ideas in mind for the fall and I know whatever she decides the skills she's learned to talk and perform in front of an audience will come in handy someday in the future.

Just ask her mother who never learned these skills and nearly looses it everytime she has to speak in front a group larger than five!

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