Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pie in the Face? Yes, Please...On Celebrating Big.

This year, we decided to celebrate Independence Day with gusto; go to fireworks shows, light up a few of our own firecrackers, and swim and play with friends.  Nothing says American Spirit more than sitting in a crowd of people watching the sky light up.  Being able to do this while listening to Amazing Grace by Chis Tomlin, God Bless the USA by Lee Greenwood and America the Beautiful is absolutely breathtaking.

We went to a near by Church's big American Celebration and were awe struck by the fireworks and sense of wonder and worship.  There really is nothing like worshipping God in a big crowd of neighbors and strangers and realize how blessed you are to live in this country.  Makes you think this might be what it's like in heaven!  Amazing.

During the hours leading up to the fireworks spectacular, there were bounce houses to conquer, turkey legs to eat, and not to be the Pie Eating Contest.  Both girls were willing participants and while they gave gallant efforts I kid you not when I say they lost by a mile.  There are some fast face stuffers out there!  Miss A said the she barely could taste the chocolate pie as she face planted in the plate and Miss M said that she thinks she got in three really good bites when they called out a winner.  Maybe the fact that their faces got more pie than their mouths can explain the loss.

All American fun and we were just getting started on the week long celebration! 

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