Monday, June 24, 2013

Trying Her Hand at Pitching

I think that spring/summer 2013 is going to remembered as the year that outdoor sports seasons were cut short due to rain outs being the rule.  Between golf, soccer, umpiring and softball, my calendar has more cancelled and crossed out events than actual games played.  Miss A's softball team had more practices than actual games and considering that we were "moving up" a league this year with girl pitched and strike outs, its been a little rough of a season.

Miss A however was far from discouraged; she loves everything "sporty" and if it includes hanging out with friends she totally loves it.  Early this spring, Miss A and her dad went to a Pitching Clinic to learn the ins and outs of throwing a pitch.  Thankfully, Dad's years of practice with Miss M and her team made him the perfect  teacher; and the fact that both her sister and brother were willing to help with pitching and catching practice in the back yard kept her skills fresh even if it was weeks between games!

In Miss A's first official game pitching, she was a little nervous and struggled to get the ball over the plate, but by the second game she had a lot more confidence.  Thankfully, this year is still girl/coach pitch meaning that the girls pitch about six to eight balls and then the coach comes in to allow the girls something more consistent to hit at.

The season might have ended quicker than we hoped and our dreams of winning the tournament were dashed with a loss in our first tournament game, but all in all the girls had a fabulous time and Miss A learned some valuable lessons about patience, perseverance, and that the weather in these parts is fickle.  Plus she's working on a great underhand pitch and I think with a little work this year, she'll be in tip top shape next season.

The Joy of little league is that there is Always Next Year!  Plus, when you celebrate the end of the season with a pool party and a dip in the whirlpool it's hard to complain.

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