Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Breakfast Burritos; Breakfast of Champions and Umpires Everywhere

Mr C has been crazy busy in June umpiring baseball and the occasional softball games.  Let's just say when the weather has been cooperative, he's umpired as much as three games on a Saturday and a double header twice a week at minimum.  A triple header can mean mucho bucks as Mr C likes to say, but it's also an intense few hours.  Hot, sweaty and occasionally difficult calls and parents can make for a stressful time on the field.  He handles it all well, but I can say as a Umpire's Mom I'm a little more sympathetic to umpires and referees.
One Saturday morning, he had a 9 a.m. game followed by two more games (about six hours on the field plus) and we wanted to make sure that Mr C was well nourished and hydrated.  Mr C is much like his mother in the fact that he's not a big breakfast eater, but like his Father he can eat Mexican food all day, everyday.  As a way to fill his need for "fuel," my husband volunteered to get up early on Saturday morning and take Mr C out for Mexican Breakfast Burritos at a true "Tex Mex" restaurant.

According to both of my boys, their Breakfast Burritos are more than one person can eat, but they both tried!  P might have sent me a text of both the plate and my son's face to prove his point. Since food is currently Mr C's love language, you could see from his face that his tummy and love bucket were both full and he was ready to tackle any of the stress from the ballpark!

I have the strange felling that this trek for Saturday morning breakfast burritos will be a monthly date for the men in our family.  Next time though, there is talk of sharing the food though the only problem is that neither of them can decide who gets to pick the ingredients inside.

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