Monday, July 1, 2013

Day at an Amusement Park: Yes the Mother Got on a Ride.

Our day trip to an Amusement Park a few hours away is becoming a Summer Tradition and one of our kids' favorite things to cross off the Summer Bucket List.  Sadly, Mr C was unable to find a friend to join him for the day.  The joy of teenage jobs and summer conditioning for sports means there are less and less people who can skip town for the day and just have fun.  Guess Mr C should be grateful his summer job is umpiring and by the end of June he is unemployed.  At least that the message we told him when all his friends were busy.

This year, weather was perfect.  It was not too hot and not a drop of rain.  Of course, some of our group was disappointed that no rain meant no dancing in the puddles, but it was nice not to have soaked clothes and towels.  Our Cabana was located right outside the Wave Pool (or as Mr C calls it "heaven on earth") and we spent most of our time in the water.  Miss A was much more adventuresome on the water slides this year and with two teenagers hovering over her, the mother got to just sit in the water and relax.  I knew one day this could be my life!

We did venture out to do a few rides after lunch and, while my disdain for rides was well documented, the peer pressure put on me to ride one of the rides was a little overwhelming.  I guess the Water Log Ride is not considered "daring" enough.  I even tried to say that my job for the day was to watch the stuff since the stroller and totes needed some protection and I viewed it as my duty to be there for these items.  However after much arm twisting, I finally gave in and went on a "death ride" which seemed to include all of my least favorite things:  fast movements, twisting, going upside down, and having no control over the outcome.

I am surprised I survived.  The fact that I'm still talking to my children and my friends means that I fully understand the meaning of Grace.  They certainly did not deserve my forgiveness for forcing me onto this death trap, but I offered them mine.  Let's just say that next year I am going to be much firmer in my arguments that I can not under any circumstance ride a ride.  Maybe I can even forge a Doctor's Note

All in all, our day at the Amusement Park was fabulous and a perfect mix of fun and friends.  Plus to keep our Food loving son happy, we were able to make a pit stop at our favorite BBQ joint and Mr C was able to "devour" a brisket sandwich that tasted like heaven!

A perfect day!

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