Saturday, July 20, 2013

Moo: Cow Appreciation Day

We are a fun family!  I'm just putting that out there to clear up any confusion.  Seriously fun.  When I saw on Facebook and Twitter that if you dress like a cow you get free chicken sandwiches, I was all over the idea.  Sadly, I didn't see the notice until the night before; not enough time to create and elaborate costume (that's happening next year!), but I think our "Cows" looked pretty darn cute.

Thankfully, Chic Fil A had free Cow Spots, Noses and Ears on their website and my crafty girls were able to find black and white clothes so that we could go as both a Angus and a Holstein.  Hey, we don't live in the middle of Cattle Country for nothing; we know our cows.

Well, that's a lie!  I have no idea what color different cows are.  I just know how to google images.  However, I think the contrast of the black and white cow made the adorable factor even greater.

My husband came up with the Rubber Band Ear Flaps and the Straw Noses; God love that man he does have some creative juices flowing.  P and I even wore the ears and noses (we like free food too!), but have decided next year we are going to go all the way and wear costumes.  Maybe we'll start making them for Halloween Costumes and then just be ready!

Cow Appreciation Day is not one of our Bucket List items for next Summer and I'm sure we'll have even more fun then.  Who knows maybe we can get Mr C to participate next time too; this year he had a Youth Group party to attend so we gave him a pass.  Chick Fil A, you might not be right in our neighborhood (which is still our hope), but our family for one is happy that you've finally made it our "neck of the woods."

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