Friday, February 1, 2013

Crafting Gene at Work Again: Heart Door Hanger

Last year, a friend and I ventured into the Burlap Door Hanger craze.  We made Valentine Hearts, an Easter Cross and a Flip Flop for Summer.  Mine were cute, but not perfect.  I loved the idea that I could make a fun door hanger and save tons of money over the boutique's version.

This year, I saw on a blog a Chevron Heart made out of Foam Board and thought that this might be even easier than burlap to work with, so I talked my friend D into another round of Craft Day.  Now here is where I am honest and say that things don't always go as planned.  I might have gotten a little cocky and thought that I could just remember from memory what the directions were.  I had all the supplies, had made a copy of the template for the Chevron Pattern and had even bought the craft paper to use to trace a good heart.

 Amanda Jane Brown's Valentine Chevron Heart 

In other words I was thinking I had it covered!  The only problem, I guess I didn't know exactly what a Chevron Pattern should look like so I used both the small and big part of the template and didn't overlap them to continue the pattern all the way across the heart.  Needless to say, my heart looks a little more like "stripes" than it looks likes "chevrons."

At the end of our projects, D's definitely looks more like a Chevron Heart (even though she used both the small and big templates-at least she carried the pattern to the end) and mine not so much.

We joked that maybe we should Pin this project to the "Failed Project Page on Pinterest."  Of course, we also decided that five year old B's project; using the foam board-minus the heart cut out, might have been the best creation of the day.

While the project might have been an epic fail, it didn't stop us from having a fun afternoon laughing at ourselves and feeling proud of our creative attempts.  Mine is hanging from the front door even though it's not perfect.  Guess I figure no one but me knows that it was suppose to be a Chevron Heart, they think it's just a pink and white stripped heart.  Plus I saved about $35 over the one I saw last week at a cafe in town!

I'm trusting that you, my faithful readers won't let the neighborhood in on the secret that this heart is less than perfect.  I'm less than perfect too; so its only fitting!

Our next project plan is for an adorable Carrot for Spring!

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