Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Living Desert: Leopards, Geckos and Giraffes

We are Zoo People.  Almost as much as we are Children Museum people.  However, because we live not too far from a World Class Zoo, we are a little jaded on what zoos we are willing to visit.  The Living Desert is definitely worth the visit. Part of it's charm is that its a great glimpse into a climate and animal life that is so drastically different from what we are use to in the Midwest.  The Palm Trees alone are worth the visit.  Add in a live animal encounter show with flying birds, climbing animals, and Zoo Keepers with a sense of humor its something you don't want to miss.

What we really love about the Living Desert is that you can see the animals up close in their natural habitat.  As Miss A said, the Giraffes are "Really Really Tall!"  Look at how cool the telescope is for looking at the Giraffes and Friends.

Since we were skipping school a few days on our trip, we tried to "learn" as much as possible on our visit. We got a behind the scene tour of the Animal Hospital on site and the docent let us touch a Ram's Horn and a set of Antlers from a Buck.  Amazing to touch and feel the difference between the two! We also got to see the exam room for the "large hoofed animals" and the sling they sit in while being examined.  Miss M decided right then that she's sticking with human nursing, no Veterinarian setting for her!

Another favorite spot at the Living Desert is the Amazing Train Display.  When Mr C was little, he could have spent the entire day watching the trains go on "adventures" ranging from the Golden Gate Bridge to Mt Rushmore.  Let's just say that there are some very talented Train Volunteers that have created a display that really shines.

For a few minutes, we contemplating taking another hike in the California Mountain, but when we saw that the shortest trail was over 3 miles long and that there were warning signs about taking water, a cell phone and letting someone know your plans; we got nervous.  Miss A said she'd rather ride the Tram around the Zoo, it seemed safer!

Spending the morning walking among the animals and soaking in the Desert was a perfect close to our vacation in California.

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