Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Children's Museum: A Walk Down Memory Lane

We don't go to many Children's Museums anymore.  Sigh.  The joy of children growing up.  At one time, we  planned our vacations around where the best Children's Museums were located.  The Palm Dessert Museum has always been our our short list of favorite places.  Back in the day, we would take Mr C all on his own, as his sister M was too young to go along.

Now, it was Miss M showing Miss A the "ropes" so to say and helping her along the way.  It's amazing how much stays the same as both girls most favorite spot at the Museum was Painting the VW Bug.  The moment we walked in the museum, it's almost like the girls had their eyes set on nothing else but painting the car.  Of course, can you blame them; donning a paint apron, slippers and a big paintbrush.

The Ropes Course was another classic favorite, but Miss M admitted it's a little more challenging when you aren't that much taller than the ropes.  Guess she has a point.

Miss M did find a new hobby in creating a Short Action Film complete with moving figures, sound effects, and changing backgrounds. Maybe this will spark some interest in the fancy digital video camera we have collecting dust at home.  Miss A found a few hidden treasures digging in the archaeological exhibit.

Of course, our final two favorite spots were the Pizza Shop and the Grocery Store.  Miss A allowed me to be the cashier, but then asked to borrow money to pay for her groceries.  Guess some things never change.  I bet we spent a good half hour restocking the shelves, ringing up the groceries and talking about how the cat and dog food cost more money than the fresh vegetables and that the cookies and frozen pies were the most expensive of all.  Not sure these were current grocery store prices and they seemed to cater to the health crazy California shopper!

After working up a good hunger shopping, Miss A and Miss M treated me to some fresh pizza.  The Brick Oven really did a great job of making even the simplest of pizza topping taste extra good.  Either that or the Pizza Chefs just did a great job laying out the pies!

We had a great morning at the Palm Dessert Children's Museum and I loved the girls enjoy this trip down memory lane.

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