Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Leaving on a Jet Plane....

The girls and I left very early (4:00 AM early) on Wednesday morning for a trip to the Desert of California.  As we drove to the airport, Miss A announced that she had never seen the streets so empty as we counted only a half dozen cars on the road.  Leaving our winter jackets behind and praying that our suitcases would come in under 50 pounds, we kissed Mr P goodbye and boarded our plane for a week of sunshine!  This is the life.

Let me just tell you that it's been awhile since I've traveled by air and it just ain't what it use to be.  Even Miss M who hasn't flown for a few years commented that she couldn't believe the only snacks available on board were a bag of $3 goldfish.  No free peanuts anymore!  Thankfully, we'd packed our own treats.  I guess all this allowed to realize how much more enjoyable travel is our little Honda Minivan.  According to Miss A, however, the fact that there is a restroom on board a plane does make it a little bit better.

By the time we arrived in Phoenix, we were thrilled to see the green grass, sunny faces and moving sidewalks. Our layover in the airport provided us an opportunity to stretch our legs and get a quick snack (still exurbanite prices, but more options) But I must say the moving sidewalks were a real treat. I think Miss A must have gone up and down the International Concourse a half dozen times. By the end, I had the overhead announcement (to watch my step, and grab the handrail) memorized.  Miss A and M did finally learn the inside lane was for those just riding along and the outside lane for the movers and shakers.  They took turns being each.

Arriving in Palm Springs was a treat.  Not only is it the coolest airport in the world; all outside concourses, a putting green in the lobby and a playground. It was also nearly 70 degrees at 9:30 in the morning, there were flowers in bloom and the grass was green and lush.  As Miss A announced upon disembarking "It's like a whole different world!"  However, I think my kids were even more excited to see Nana and Papa who they have missed seeing a few weeks.

I'll say there is nothing like flying across the country in the middle of winter and leaving behind all your cares and worries and having a summer vacation!  I'll admit my bags were packed with books to read, knitting projects to enjoy, and a flip flops and swimsuits to wear sitting by the pool.  I'll say it again; this is the life!

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