Tuesday, February 5, 2013

When God Laughs at our Plans

Sunday afternoon, I decided I needed to update my current calendar system.  For the past two years, I've been using the Mead Mom's Calendar and then also carry a spiral notebook with my today list.  Every few months, I'd need to buy a new spiral and I had no way of keeping things from week to week.

I saw on a blog that Staples carried a new line of planers that you could customize.  While their store is way to far away to go to, my nearby Office supply store should carry something like it I figured.  So Miss A and I, between basketball pictures and her basketball game, had twenty minutes open to shop for my new fangled Franklin Covey Planner.   I love that it has a monthly section and a week at a glance.  Mine also has a separate notebook area which is perfect for my big to do lists I like to create.  Plus, it's in a red zippered case that makes me look all official and grown up.

Back in my young adult days when I used to have a job and responsibilities, I carried a Franklin Planner with me everywhere.  In fact so did my employer the Governor of Nebraska.  Hers was blue, mine was grey!  I had a system going and now I can start all over again!  So Sunday night in between commercials (which by the way I thought were less than stellar then in years past, but the game in the 3rd quarter was rather interesting) I started planning out my 2013.  Yes, I do lead an exciting life.

Then in about the 4th quarter, I looked over at Miss A all cuddled up in a blanket, with rosy cheeks and thought "she's sick."  Oh no.  This was not in my planner.  Monday was full of things I needed to do, places I needed to go.  Isn't it funny when God laughs at the plans we make.  I quickly realized that while "my" plans were not going to happen, the entire reason I'm here right now, in this time, with these people, is so that I can be around for times like this when a sick child needs her momma.

Thankfully, Miss A's little virus lasted only two days and resulted in us not having the crazy Tuesday night we had on the schedule.  Because she was under the weather, we went from five events to three which is much more manageable.  Guess maybe God's timing wasn't so bad!  It never is.

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Anonymous said...

Aww - sorry to hear she got sick. I always think the same thing when something unexpected comes up with the kids - I look at my list and start to get discouraged. But, exactly like you said, this is the plan right now - with these children. We are blessed to be able to stay home with them when they are ill. And it does tend to 'slow things down.' So, excited to see you this week. Love reading your blog. Can't wait to see your new 'system' as I need one too! We must be the only two still doing it on paper. Love, Kathleen