Friday, February 22, 2013

Snowmageden or Welcome Home

All week while we were enjoying the sun and warmth of Southern California, the boys were back at home holding down the fort and going to school and work.  Somebody had to do it!  They would call and text us with news of an impending snowstorm that forecasters were saying could bring 7 to 14 inches to our town.  Way to narrow it down meteorologists.

We arrived late Tuesday and I knew that Wednesday would mean a fast trip to the Grocery Store, laundry and prep work on the house to get it ready for "Snow Day" children.  I might not have mentioned that while the girls and I were gone, the boys were homeless as we were having hardwood floors put in on the main floor.  They didn't have it too bad, however, as they stayed at my folks.  Indoor putting is right up C's alley.

However, the dust that the floor process left behind was something else.  The boys had moved all the furniture back into place, but there was plenty for me to do to get the house back in order; all the kitchen chairs were in the basement and needed felt pads, the shelves in the Family Room were a mess of dust, and of course the kitchen counters and cabinets had a layer a few inches thick.  Nothing a little elbow grease couldn't handle, but of course the cleaning had to wait until I could restock our fridge and cupboards. Something about being "gone" for more than a week didn't leave much to eat!

So, after a marathon shopping trip and an equally exhausting afternoon of cleaning, sweeping and dusting I was prepped for Snowmagden.  Mr C's school which never cancels due to snow (the joy of a boarding school) was even preparing for the worst and cancelled school for Thursday and parent teacher conferences that evening.  Because this would leave the boys a four day weekend, we invited a Korean Student to join us for the Snow Storm.  Nothing like being in a real home with a roaring fire and a family during a snowstorm.  June Woo was thrilled to get out of school for a few days and enjoy home cooking.  After a week away from my family, I was even excited to cook!

Wednesday night the snow was still nowhere in sight, but the schools cancelled.  The rumor was that the snow would start Thursday at about noon and would fall 2 inches an hour.  By one o'clock on Thursday, the weather people had redeemed themselves and the flakes began to fall. However on our second day of "Snowstorm Nemo," we only had about 8 inches of snow.  Not quite what we were anticipating, but at least that meant we wouldn't be stuck in the house for days!

By Friday afternoon we were off to "burn off some steam" at the gym.  Playing racquetball, ping pong and shooting hoops together is a great way to spend a snow day!

Now, I'll just admit that Snowmageden was not the welcome home I was hoping for!  Come On Spring!

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