Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fa La La La Leads to Lunch

For Miss A, the only part of "Snowmageden" that she didn't like was the fact that missing school on Friday meant a postponement of the Music Program at the Elementary School.  Thankfully, the school had planned ahead and scheduled the program for Tuesday.  While that appeased Miss A's need to know; it also meant that Dad would not be able to attend as he'd be traveling.  I think Mr P took the news the hardest; he's not missed a music program in eight years! (Wow, we've been at the elementary school too long)  Thankfully Mom to rescue, I told them I had purchased the DVD of the program and when it arrived we'd have a Premier Party with popcorn and the all the fixings!

For a girl who doesn't really like performing in front of a crowd, singing, or dancing; she sure loves the Music Program.  This year, she was chosen to have a special part in the 2nd Grade portion of the show; she was a boomwacker.  Just in case you don't know what that means (like her mother), it means you hold a big stick and stomp it on the ground.  It makes a loud booming sound.  According to Miss A, it was an amazing experience.  Sadly from my view from the audience, I could see her but not get a good camera angel.  Let's just say, this girl can really rock the musical instruments.

I loved watching Miss A and her friends sing and dance.  I must admit that that our Music Teacher should win a prize for getting 600 students excited about music and ready to perform.  The show is really amazing.

Keeping up with tradition, I signed Miss A out after the morning performance so we could meet some of her friends and moms for lunch at Fuddruckers.  This could be one of Miss A's favorite parts of the day.  I love it too, but mostly because its so fun to see Miss A and her crew of giggling little girlfriends.  It's loud and crazy, but boy its a sight that makes your mother heart sing.

Maybe postponements make you appreciate the small little things even more!

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