Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ringing in the New Year at the Lake

We've been blessed to spend the last four New Year's Eves with some dear friends at the Lake.  Over the course of those years, our families have had a great time playing games, watching movies, and just relaxing while we say goodbye to one year, and hello to the next.  I bring my knitting along, the girls make up dances, the boys play Settlers of Catan, and we watch a little football, Dick Clark's Rock N Eve and just hang out.

It's exactly what you want to do to kick off a New Year

This year we learned that the H family breaks into song constantly.  Watching the movie Hairspray, it was as if we had Dolby surround sound in the room as the H girls were singing along to all the songs.  I won't say if the parents were too.

I'm thinking next year we'll plan a talent show and see which family can outperform the other.  It will be stiff competition as this family really has all the musicals memorized!  Guess this winter we'll have to rent some of the classics like Sound of Music, Music Man, and Fiddler on the Roof.  No complaints from me. Good thing the B girls are into dancing because I figure if we can't pull off the "song" for the musicals challenges we can at least have a good showing in the dance category.

Just so you don't think we were only singing and dancing, there were also rousing games of Scrabble (fell in love with the revolving board and wish so much we had a game table in our house), Balderdash playing, lots of eating (we don't start New Year's Resolutions until we get back home), and lots of laughs.

Speaking of laughs; Mr C has been asking for years to try Sardines. It all started when I told him how when my family use to go Skiing in Colorado, we always had Sardines for Lunch at the Lodge.  So after years of promising that I'd purchase some sardines for C to taste test, I finally did.  He liked them. At least that's what he said, his face tells a little bit different story.

Mr C was in seventh heaven since he could play Settlers of Catan for hours on end.  Lets just say there might have been hours in which we didn't even know the kids were still in the house.  Thankfully, teenage boys hunger pains force them to come "up for air" every so often and eat.  Mr C would say that the game is so intense they get hungry just from playing.

Really nothing could be better than spending a few days just relaxing with good friends and enjoying the calm and beauty of the lake to start a New Year off.  Happy 2013.

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