Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Miss M's take on Kansas City

It's hard when your whole family is having a vacation while you are busy "working." At least that's what we told Miss M as we kept leaving and having fun while we left her in hours of dance classes.  I explained that often that's how Dad feels during the summer when we go off and have adventures during the day while dad goes to his office each day and doesn't seem much like summer to him!

Miss M, of course, was having her own kinda fun.  This girl really likes to dance. She spends about seven hours a week at the dance studio between tap, dance, spin, and jazz classes plus the extra practices she has for competitions and mastering routines for recitals.  This yearly jaunt to a Competition/Convention is one of her favorites of the year.  There are classes taught by Broadway Dancers and Professionals and some of the teachers can be found as Dancers in Music Videos and Movies.  There are classes in everything from ballet to lyrical to hip hop which keep the dancers working for at least six hours a day.  Finally, you add a evening performance and as Miss M says "your feet they are a killing you" by the end of the weekend.

As Miss M enjoyed a quick bite of dinner together at Panera after her performance, she told me she was a happy tired.  She was looking forward to another day of classes, but not the six am start to the madness. She knew that even though they hadn't mastered their tap routine that night on stage, it was a new routine and they were still working out the kinks.  She was thrilled to have left it all on the dance floor. That's really all you can ask!

After meeting up with the rest of the family before going back to the hotel for awards, she was thrilled to hear about all the fun we had and didn't even seem jealous.  Guess she's learned the lesson that if you are loving what you are doing, you can't be sad to hear other's retell their stories of fun!  Of course, we've promised not to make a habit of "vacationing" without her and for sure the next time we go to Kansas City, she'll get to join in the fun too.

The best part.  When we returned for the awards ceremony, we learned that Miss M's studio earned a 2nd Place medal in their Tap Routine! Way to Go!

Then to top of our evening we went to the 40th Floor of the hotel.  Why you might ask?  Because it's there and Miss A and Miss were convinced that it had to be pretty exciting to see the sights from the 40th Floor of a hotel.

Amazing View, but as Miss M and Miss A both agreed, not that much different from the view from our 11th floor room, just further up!  Guess they have now learned the reality of big hotels; long elevator rides for gorgeous views, or short rides for great views!  Think I'm more a fan of the later.

All in all a fun day for all!

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