Monday, January 7, 2013

Kansas City, Kansas City Here We Come

For people who don't really travel much over the holidays, we are on a roll this year. First, we went out of town for Thanksgiving.  Then, we went to the Lake for New Years' and now we are kicking off January with a family trip to Kansas City.  Guess we like to break our own rules.

Miss M had a dance convention/competition in Kansas City over the last weekend of Christmas Break and it seemed like the perfect little family getaway.  Now before you think I was just being selfish and inviting the honey and kids so that I could sit in the car and knit for hours on end, know that I am also being deliberate on making family time with a teen, tween and young child.  My husband driving while I knitted was just a bonus.

We left Friday afternoon for the four hour drive and the weather for January was stunning.  Now that we have a DVD player in the car and Mr C has his laptop to enjoy his "own movies," its pretty much like the old days when P and I would travel and talk.  Back then, I used to crossstitch so he's used to the crafting talking Jill.  Our first road trip together was to drive to Dallas for a wedding twenty plus years ago and I vividly remember offering to drive somewhere in Kansas with P sitting in the passenger seat doing nothing. I asked him what he normally did in the car and he said he normally just drove.  Believe me within the hour, we pulled off the road and switched drivers; I had books, magazines and cross stitch to keep me entertained.

Miss A was quite confused when we said that we were going to Missouri since it seems like Kansas City should be in Kansas.  We told her that Kansas City is in both states with the same name both places. Kinda like the Twin Cities in MN, but with the same name and two states.  Her response; "Who would name twins with the same name?  At least it's Minneapolis and St Paul there!  Why two Kansas Cities; was it cheaper?"  That in a nutshell is 2nd grade rationale.

Upon arrival at Kansas City MO which should be on the lookout for a new name, we decided to check into the hotel and then go grab some authentic KC BBQ.  When in Rome.  We know that good food is Mr C's love language and that my Texas husband loves Ribs and good BBQ.  That's our plan on vacation; do something ever day that keeps everyone happy. If you are ever in Kansas City, you have to try Gates BBQ.

Knowing that Miss M would only have a little time to enjoy KC, we went straight from dinner to the Country Club Plaza to see the Christmas lights and stroll among the shops.  Since we had Christmas Money in our pockets, we thought we might find some bargains, but we didn't.  M was sure they would have her "must have" Sperry's at the Sperry Store, but they didn't.  Miss A was sure that the Toy Store would fill her ever dream.  It did, but at too great a cost and of course Mr C is not a shopper unless it's at a Golf Store or Gamestop!

Somehow, I think my husband was thrilled that we made through the entire Plaza without a package.  I blame it on the early closing of Restoration Hardware and the fact that I had a crowd following me and forcing me to look too quick.  Thankfully, the lights, the company and the fact that we were on vacation made it all worth it!

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