Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Presidential Visit

I'm probably going to have to give up the competition with my husband. He's lived in more states, visited more states, and now he's been to more Presidential Museums.  Of course, when you've lived in as many states he has it does help your total state number.  However, P won't concede that point so when I kindly suggested that we go to the Harry Truman Presidential Library in Independence MO while we were in Kansas City, I was being kind.


You see, P had already been to the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library in Austin Texas and I'd been to the Truman Library as a child so in this one area we were even. Just to make my case even better, I'll remind you that P is a graduate of the University of Texas, in Austin as in the home of the LBJ Library. Not that I'm saying it's cheating!

I guess you could say that I knew my History Channel, biography reading, presidential history loving husband would totally be into the idea of mixing a little history into our vacation. Miss A and Mr C were really along for the ride, but I knew that we could find a way for them to enjoy it too.  Remember Miss A is the Presidential History Quizzer in our family and Mr C had just finished a semester of American History where they talked about Presidential Elections (this being one and all, but we are not going to talk about that event) so I knew we could encourage some dreaming of politics.

President Truman might have been from the opposite side of the aisle than I normally support, but I love his honest approach to governing and his motto the Buck Stops Here.  He really understood the role of government and wasn't afraid to make the tough call from the end of WWII to making it clear that the Soviet way of life was not welcome in America.  Those are the lessons I was thrilled to pass along to my child as we wandered the halls of the Library.  Looking at videos and pictures of the humble life of Harry Truman encouraged my faith in the American Dream and the fact that only in America can anyone become the highest official in the land.

I told Mr C that once he's thirty five, he'll have a lot of the qualities that we look for in a leader of the Free World; He'll be a Christian, Eagle Scout, Conservative, and a Golfer.  If he goes to College, marries a nice young women and keeps his nose clean, he really can be the President.  Of course, my husband was quick to point out by the time he is 35, he'll be in the minority in all areas of life; race, religion and values.  How I pray that by then our country will turn itself around and become a Country on it's knees!

May it be so Lord.

I'm thrilled that the kids, and my husband were able to take this trip down "History Lane" and see the Truman Library.  Why I was willing to give in to the challenge of of more Presidential Library visits.  Who knows, maybe I'll take a short trip over to the Herbert Hoover Museum in Iowa some day, without my husband of course.

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