Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Swimming on the Roof Deck: In January

Sunday Morning in Kansas City meant another early Morning Call for Miss M to go dancing and a few hours for us to just hang out around the Hotel.  After failing to find a church nearby that we could catch a morning service, we had a little "church" on our own.  Miss A admitted it doesn't really seem like church when you are in your pj's in a hotel room, but since God's all around us I guess he sees us in pj's all the time anyway!

The Sheraton in Kansas City has a unique pool; it's on a rooftop and outside.  Which at first sounds a little odd in January, but once you see the pool and realize it's perfectly heated it sounds like an adventure that few kids would want to miss.  At least that's what Miss A thought and tirelessly convinced her brother to join her.  Thankfully, he's a good sport and joined her.

It's a pretty cool pool as you start out inside and then go through a tube to the outdoor pool area never having to get your body out of the water. Perfect on a day that the outdoor temp is only 30 degrees.  Of course, Mr C had to challenge Miss A to stand outside on the pool deck for as long as she could.  She beat him by 1 second. Love that girls spunk!  Of course, Mr C was more than willing to take a rematch until he beat her!

There are a few things I will not forgot from watching them Swim on the Pool Deck; the steam rising from the pool, how thick the steam was in the pool house, the laughter when they were standing on the ladder getting out, the view of downtown Kansas City all around us, especially the lovely Train Station and of course seeing them playing in the water while I was wearing a winter coat.

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