Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Saturday Afternoon in KC

After our Presidential visit in the morning, we spent the afternoon at the Crown Center enjoying a trip down memory lane, doing some shopping, and waiting for Miss M to get out of her dance classes.  Miss A was most excited about going to a restaurant that her brother and sister had both told her about: Fritz's in Crown Center.  Fritz's is much more than just a burger joint, it's an experience!  Your food comes to you on a Train, complete with a rail track above your head and delivery right to your table.  Who wouldn't want to eat there!

Once again, I was thankful that Mr C was a good sport and let us bring him along.  We let him call in the order on the telephone and help his sister retrieve the food basket to make up for him having to be a kid again.  Sadly, he did refuse to wear a [paper Train Engineer's Hat like Miss A, but we forgave him. It wasn't too long a go that he was the little boy begging for us to buy him a train whistle at this exact restaurant, but we won't go into how fast time flies by.

Miss A loved our time at Fritz's!  However, her highlight at the Crown Center was probably the Crayola store where she "Finally" found a personalized bracelet with her name on it! Amazing. The problem with not having a really common name is that your name is never on a pencil, mug, or necklace anywhere.  Yeah for Miss A.

Our final stop before heading back to the hotel was a little walk around the Biggest Christmas Tree in Kansas City.  "Wow that's big" might have been the words out of Miss A's mouth.  When I tried to line my tall son and daughter up next to it and get all "three" items in the frame, I might have agreed with her!

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